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DOWNLOAD MP3: M-Josh – Krime Scene

Pan-African musician and new Afrobeat sensation M-Josh hits hard on Nigerian independence day with a brand new controversial socio-politically conscious afrobeat track he titles Krime Scene.

In his usual manner, he utilizes that analogous rawness of Fela’s Afrobeat in a digitally rendered 21st-century music.

Pointing out several anomalies and catastrophic events orchestrated by the ineptitude of the government, he describes Nigeria at 60 as nothing less than a Crime Scene.


While most of his contemporaries prefer to identify with the glamor associated with Fela’s Afrobeat, M-Josh is not shying away from the Fela struggle which is using music as a tool for resistance against bad leadership, fighting against brutality, corruption, apathy, nepotism, impunity, and the legacy of colonialism.

He is very aware of the struggles of the masses and lends his voice to the voiceless.


The self-produced track was released by M-Josh on the 1st of October as he charged the masses to go out of their ways to put up resistance against unjustly placed authorities.

Is Nigeria worth celebrating at 60 with all the killings and looting going on in the country? 60years after independence, how is education faring? what about hospitals, good roads? Security? Nigeria is on the top five most insecure country in the world list. It will be so hypocritical for anyone not to acknowledge that Nigeria has failed as a state. They have been failing you and me since 1960 to date Instead of celebrating today, I urge everyone to rise and speak against the injustice going on in Nigeria. It does not matter how influential you feel you are, it will reach us all if we fail to address this issue now… Listen to Krime Scene, get inspired, share this post, encourage others to take action lets all act before it gets too late. #Watto (Wake up Africa Time to Take Over)

Is M-Josh the 21st century Fela?

Share your thoughts as you stream this amazing track Krime Scene by M-Josh below…

DOWNLOAD MP3: M-Josh – Krime Scene

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