5 Ways People Discover New Music & How You Should Promote Your Music

5 Ways People Discover New Music & How You Should Promote Your Music 5

5 Ways People Discover New Music & How You Should Promote Your Music

How do people discover new music?

The essence of this blog post is to open your eyes to the various ways people in this digital age find new music. The music business is like buying and selling, to make good sells, you have to discover how the buyers go about or where they usually go and make your goods available to them just at the right place. To be successful in the music business today you have to be proactive, you have to take the right step at the right time. Find out where your prospective audience goes in search of good music and make yourself available right in front of them.


I have discovered some strategic places you should promote your music in other to get discovered easily by people who could turn out to become your biggest audience.


Based on sampled opinion on the streets, churches and other public places, I was able to gather four ways in which you can promote your music and make it effectively and I am going to show you.


There are two categories of people that listen to music.


  • The passive listener.


  • The active listener.


The Passive Listener: To this guy, the search for new music or discovering new artiste is not a do or die affair. He doesn’t go out of his way in search of new music. The only possible way for him to discover new music is when he is listening to the radio, or watching TV, etc.


The Active Listener: Unlike the other guy, this guy’s thirst for new music leads him into searching all the possible music discovery channels like music blogs, magazine, radio stations, digital stores like iTunes,  Spotify, etc. He makes sure he follows all his favorite musicians so that he can be the first to get their latest project.


You have to note that both the passive and the active listeners are important consumers of music just that their ways of discovering new music differs. Therefore, you must take both into serious consideration.


Now, this brings us into how to promote your music today.


Promote your music on mp3 music download websites and blogs.

People who are actively in search of new music to listen to often make these music download websites their best spots to catch up with new songs so it is very important that you make music blogs, your top priorities any time you are budgeting for music promotion.


Promote your music on Radio, TV shows.

For the passive listeners who don’t often go the extra miles in search of new music release, the only time they get to discover new music is either when they are listening to the radio, or while watching the television, etc…


Promote your music through word of mouth

The use of word of mouth to promote your music involves you directly engaging your fans, tell them about your new releases, encourage them to share your music and also tell their friends and family about you.


Distribute your music to digital stores

A lot of music listeners do go straight to iTunes, Spotify and a lot of other music stores to look up for new songs and possibly discover new artists.


Network & Collaborate with fellow musicians

The power of networking in music promotion can never be overemphasized.

A larger percentage of people when asked said the discover new music when their favorite artists share new music from another artist or when they are involved in a new collaboration with another artist.

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Do not keep good stuffs all to yourself…


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