How To Make Money From Your Music in 2019

How To Make Money From Your Music in 2019 1

This article will teach you How To Make Money From Your Music. This is a proven strategy that will liberate you from being just an ordinary upcoming artiste to a well-respected music artiste.

This is a well researched and proven ways to make money with your music in 2018.

Note, this is not rocket science or get rich quick scheme, it takes a lot of hard work and consistency to actualize it but if you follow these steps diligently, you will definitely smile in the end.

The music industry has advanced to a level of near saturation and fans are choosy over who to patronize. You can’t just wake up one morning and decide to sell your songs or start making money from music just because you have a song! It takes more than just recording a song, it takes a lot and i am going to break it down to you in this post.

First of all, you have to build a core fan base. As an upcoming artiste, the only people that will be willing to go extra miles to have your songs or see you perform are your core fans, mostly, these categories of people come from your locality, your close friends’ friends, your family, your school mates, people in your street, etc.

Another thing you need to consider before venturing into the music business is how good are you, what do people think about you as an artiste; get useful feedback from your fans, give room for critics.

If you are convinced that you have all it takes to shine, then apply the following methods.


It is easier to make money doing DJ services like playing at bars, clubs, streets and roadside shows. You can also leverage that to gain more followers too.

If you play in a night club or lounge where people often come and dance, you can play your songs alongside popular music. You can also compile and record mixtapes, include your songs in the playlist and sell to customers. If you do all these consistently and if your songs are good, you will be able to raise good cash to further pursue your music career.


This is a tested method in which you can easily make huge sum of money while trying to perfect your music skills. It might sound unpopular and little bit challenging to some folks but the real acts know this is a gold mine.

First of all, you have to be bold and smart, have the ability to put up a show that will convince the audience to give you some tips, then head on to the public place. Spots like shopping mall, market place, Motor Park or any other highly busy spot you can think of will do.


A brief research on some of the popular musicians you look up to as role models show that a good number of them started their career performing in drinking joints.

You can meet the managers of some popular joints in town, tell them you will come to cheer up their audience for free or you demand for little transport fare as the case may be, do your rehearsal, make sure you are good at what you are doing because that’s the only way you will win the heart of his customers easily.

Use whatever tool at your disposal, live band, CDs, etc. just make sure the crowd feel your performance and will want to see you perform again and again, after the performance, go round and seek for donation. You will be surprised at the number of fans you have gotten.

Make this a routine, with time, you will start getting invites from many other joints!! Hope you know what I am talking about… you can now start charging….

Some upcoming artistes and managers discourage free shows but some wise and really good performers capitalize on it to make real cash and also get connections.


The major reason why many underground artistes are broke is that they are lazy and clueless. Do you know you can actually live big, have enough money to sponsor your music career to limelight without waiting on a Don Jazzy or Olamide or any big record label to sign you, give you big car and money.

Just be your own boss, all you need is the right strategy.

In the USA, Canada etc., many underground artistes make six figures from sales of their cds in the street.

Though you might meet a lot of noes while trying to market your product but one thing you should note is that out of every hundred no, you might get at least ten yes.

You just have to cultivate positive energy and maintain the flow.

According to a report on NYTimes, artistes who peddle their CDs typically sells around 30 CDs daily through the prices vary depending on the bargaining power of the peddler in question and the generosity of the buyer.

Attend Music Competitions:

One good way to make money as an upcoming artiste is by enrolling into music competitions.

Some Government, Individuals, multi-national companies do organize talent hunts to support gifted individuals achieve their desired career goals.

You can go in for some of those competitions if you are very good.

Upload Your Song On Itunes Store.

Itunes is a digital media store operated by Apple Inc. It is the largest and the most popular digital store where musicians can upload their song and make money from people who download and stream their songs.

Signed artistes and big record labels deal directly with Itunes Music but if you want to upload your music to itunes as an upcoming artiste, you have to go through a third party distribution company!! Feel free to contact us via this number if you want to upload your song on Itunes.


Sell Your Song On Spotify;

Spotify is a unique music and video streaming service that allows people for all over the world to stream musical contents on the internet.

It has both free and premium subscription level.

One good thing about Spotify is that you earn money even when visitors stream your music for free! It’s an ideal place to direct your fans to listen to your new songs.

As an upcoming artiste, you cannot have direct access to the music store unless you go through a third party distribution service!!

Create A Youtube Channel:

Youtube Channel is another way in which you can make a lot of money from your music even when you allow people stream it for free.

Many artistes and comedians make huge amount of money on youtube monthly. All you need is to create a youtube channel, upload your songs and videos, drive traffic to the channel and then you monetize it.

Aside from monetization, youtube serves as a gateway to discovering new talents. Many talented artiste, comedians etc got popular through youtube.

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