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Time after time songs come to cause us to waltz out of despair, but none really comes close in recent times to what Ollah, former singer of the famous masked one, Lagbaja, has done with her new single titled, ‘Stay’.
Ollah says it’s okay to slide sometimes to the lowest ebb of life, but not to give up the fight for survival when the going gets tough. This meditative song with the mesmeric fusion of Western and African feel caters to the audience having a hard time staying strong when the chips are down.
The percussion even draws hearts closer to the therapy optimism it offers when nothing else seems to excite. It is a song of hope, healing and inner rejoicing in the presence of the Father, that “no matter the situation or circumstance, the presence of the father is where the fullness of Joy is”  .
STAY is to become a riveting source of motivation for folks with burdened hearts and it’s abundantly cheering to know the song is finally out.

Ollah’s plans are in top gear to follow it up with a fitting video and a couple of other great songs before the end of the year.


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