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POEM: How It All Started


How it all started

It all started when brothers became dreadful,
Loved ones dying all visible was tears,
As days went by we were becoming more aware,

It all started with precious grains,
Becoming gems of selfish gains,
Skins and bones becoming frail,
Staying indoors with empty plates,

It all started when we lost it all,
When we could no longer hold it together,
Days were rationed for those visiting the mall,
And our dearest motherland growing less tall,

It all started when we thought it has ended,
With bloodshed and immorality on the increase,
Shedding tears knowing we aren’t guided,
Wreaking havoc on all that now reached out for justice,
Alas! Faith has bestowed on us with tyrants claiming to be leaders,

It all started year 2020,
A year full of entertained corruption,
A year full of unspeakable tragedies,
A year full of mass apparent loss,
A year full of injustice,
We noticed that,but a too late,

How it all started we knew,yet behold for a beautiful ending,
Time to blossom and put our past behind us,
Time when our past losses become a victory song,
We move in distinct respite for our tired soul,
The time when all our difficult lessons,put us in the right direction.

Rest in peace the souls of the departed,in tragedy and sorrow we parted,we hope and wish in patience perseverance and faith we acted!

*Writer:- Zaynab Sanusi

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