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M-Josh Biography, Songs & Why He Is The New Fela Kuti

Who is M-Josh?

M-Josh is a multi-talented Nigerian musician whose passion and dream for a better Africa has led him into rebranding his style of music to serve as an instrument for addressing the socio-political ills on the African soil which is orchestrated by the callous breed of politicians littered all over Africa, especially in Nigeria where the situation has vividly gone worse with no single regards for the rule of law.

DOWNLOAD MP3: M-Josh – Coro (Dagbo)

He adopts the kind of Afrobeat instrumentation and moves that can only be likened to late Nigerian musician and political activist Fela Anikulapko Kuti – critics and fans on social media see him as an incarnate of Fela.

M-Josh Biography

His real name is Joshua Chukwubuikem Matthew, he was born and brought up in Port Harcourt, Rivers State Nigeria where he attended both elementary and secondary education.

DOWNLOAD MP3: M-Josh – Movie In Aso Rock

His light first shown in the music industry in the year 2011 when he produced and featured in the song Spiritual Conji by legendary Igbo rapper Mr Raw, a song that turned out to be one of Mr Raw’s biggest hits till now.

M-Josh eventually signed a record deal with Don Luciano Music in the same year in Portharcourt. The deal which was supposed to help boost his career eventually ended it.

Why M-Josh Is The New Fela Kuti

Fast forward to the year 2020, he came back with a rebranded afrobeat music, the kind of music that everybody wants to listen to because the beat, the message, and all that it came with was that vital aspect that was missing in the new era Nigerian music.

Instead of addressing the societal ills, every average musician want to sing about sex, women, cutting corners, and illicit ways to wealth.

The Corona Virus outbreak, the look warm attitude, and ineptitude of the Nigerian government forced him to release the song Coro aka Dagbo.

He described the government as being fake, he accused the political class of not building and equipping Nigerian hospitals, not providing an enabling environment for proper education among a lot which is exactly what the country is facing.

M-Josh Songs & Videos

With songs like Coro (Dagbo), Audio Government, and Movie In Aso Rock, he exposed a lot of sabotage by the political elites of the Nigerian society. These made these songs unique and every average Nigerian’s delight.

M-josh Coro (Dagbo) Mp3 Download

This song was released on the 28th of March by M-Josh, the video was shot very casually and released on social media.

The acceptance was massive, it became the topic of discussion on all social media. The video recorded millions of views across social media platforms in the first week of release.


M-josh Audio Government

Audio Government is the follow-up track to Coro. It tackled the fakeness in the donation made by certain Nigerian elites and corporate bodies, the way the government was mismanaging the funds instead of doing the needful.


M-Josh – Movie In Aso Rock 

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