Making Time for Your Partner: 12 Ways to Do It

Are you having trouble finding time to spend quality time with your significant other? If yes, consider these five simple tips for making time for your partner.

Time spent together is a critical factor in building strong relationships. When couples don’t spend enough time together, they drift apart. This leads to problems such as arguments, resentment, and even divorce.

It’s essential to take some time out every day to connect. There are several ways to do this, from going on dates to spending quality time at home. Here are five simple things you can try to create a stronger bond between you and your loved one.

Acknowledge Your Faults

The first step in making time for your partner is accepting that you have drifted from them. It may be hard to admit, but admitting fault is the first step toward change.

If you feel like you’re drifting away from your partner, acknowledge what you’ve done wrong. You might want to apologize or make amends. For example, if you’ve been neglecting your relationship, you could offer to go out more often.

Apologize to Your Partner

What do you do after acknowledging your faults? Don’t you think your partner deserves an apology? Of course, they do! Apologies are necessary because they show that you care about your partner and their feelings. They also help repair damaged trust.

man apologizing to his partner - Making Time for Your Partner

You should apologize sincerely and honestly. Make sure you’re not trying to hide something. Instead of saying, “I’m sorry,” say,” “I was wrong.”

Promise Your Partner to Be Better

After apologizing, promise your partner that you’ll do better next time; a crucial step to making time for your partner. Tell them how you plan to improve. Maybe you’ll start taking your partner out more often, or perhaps you’ll stop being so busy all the time. Whatever you decide, keep your promises.

Make Time for Each Other

Once you’ve apologized and promised to do better, it’s time to make time for each other. Try to schedule regular date nights. Or, if you both work full-time, set aside a few hours every week to just hanging out.

Don’t forget to include your partner when planning activities. If you’re going to see a movie, invite your partner along. If you’re hiking, ask your partner if he wants to join you.

Don’t Read Your Partner’s Mind

Don’t read your partner’s mind. You won’t have to guess if you know what they need before they tell you. And if you want to make time for your partner, you shouldn’t have to guess.

Instead of reading your partner’s mind, focus on listening to them. Ask questions to learn more about what they want. Then, give them exactly what they asked for.

Communicate Better

Another step to making time for your partner is communicating better with them. Communication is key to any successful relationship. But, sometimes, we communicate poorly. We get angry without thinking or don’t listen to our partners’ needs.

To avoid these mistakes, talk less and listen more. Listen to your partner’s concerns and opinions. Also, don’t interrupt them unless they’re speaking directly to you. Finally, don’t assume anything about your partner’s thoughts or feelings.

Keep in mind that communication isn’t always easy. Sometimes people misunderstand each other. That’s why it’s essential to practice good communication skills.

Prioritize Each Other

Another step to making time for your partner is prioritizing each other over everything else. This means putting your partner’s needs ahead of yours.

For instance, you can still take your partner out to dinner or order in if you’re tired. Likewise, you can still watch TV together if you’re feeling stressed. But, if you’re too stressed to relax, you can go to bed early.

If you want to make time for each other, prioritize each other; put your partner first.

Share Your Location

While busy at work, you can make your partner feel important by sharing your location. For example, if you’re working late, text your partner to tell them where you are.

This will help your partner feel like part of your life even though you might be too busy to spend much time with them.

Remember, there’s no perfect way to make time for your loved one. However, if you follow these steps, you’ll find a way to make time for each another.

Reduce TV Time

If you’re watching too much television, consider cutting back. It might be challenging, but you’ll feel better once you cut back. Plus, you’ll save money by spending less on cable.

Also, try to limit your screen time to two hours per day. If you spend three hours watching TV, you’re probably wasting one hour doing something else.

Sleep Together in Bed

You can also make time for your partner by sleeping together in the same room. While this may seem strange to some people, it’s beneficial.

You’ll naturally start talking to your partner when you sleep next to them. In turn, you’ll have an easier time making time for them.

Plus, sleeping together helps you bond as a couple. You’ll become closer when you share a bed because you’ll experience intimacy.

Try New Sex Positions

When you’re having sex, you can make your lover feel special by trying new positions. For example, you could lie on top of your partner while they sit up. Or, you could kneel down so your partner can ride you.

These positions will allow you to connect intimately. They’ll also show your partner how much you care about them.

Work Together

Finally, remember that you can only make time for your partner if you work together. You can’t expect your partner to make time for you if you don’t make time for them.

So, take responsibility for yourself and your actions, but remember, you can’t make time for someone who doesn’t want it.


Making time for your partner is possible. Follow these tips to ensure you’re giving your partner what they need, and you’ll notice how much your love has improved.