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Are you an upcoming artist in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa or any other part of the world? If you will want to know how to make it as an upcoming artist, then take your time and read this article.

Being an upcoming artist poses so many challenges which you have to conquer before you become successful, and one of the many challenges is getting ‘famous’ and having a strong fan base.
Even successful and famous artiste still have issues they deal with on daily basis as regards to their success, so don’t be hard on yourself. It’s a gradual process.
By the time you’re done reading this, your mind will be opened to a lot of ways on how to gain fame, so just read on and digest.

1. Work your way up: there’s no way you can get famous overnight. You have to keep building and working on your self and your brand in other to gain recognition.

2. Have a strong selling point: what is that quality that makes you stand out as a singer? What can you do easily or professionally as an artist that most artiste cannot do? Find that selling point, hold on to it and announce it to as much and as many as you can.

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3. Learn how to sing properly: if you are going to be a famous superstar then you need to know how to sing well. If you want to go Global then you have to work on your singing. Take singing classes and devote some hours daily to work on your weaknesses and build on your strengths. No one would want to invest in someone who claims to be a singer but cannot sing.

4. Collaborate with bigger names: look for a way (though this won’t be easy) to sing with a bigger musician, so that you can build your fan base from theirs.

5. Make use of the internet: this is the biggest, easiest and surest way to get fame. There are no limits here, it depends on you and your knowledge. Have a facebook page and update it regularly. Tweet about yourself and your career. Open a YouTube account, do a lot of covers because at this stage many people are only interested in how good your voice is and not necessarily your songs. Follow followers of big names in the industry. But be very careful with the internet, show only your best and what you’ll be proud of in years to come.

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6. Sing at events for free: this will help win the hearts of many people and give you free publicity.

7. Network well: form good networks. Make friends with upcoming artists and influencers in the Music Industry.

8. Go for a singing competition: this will aid in building your confidence and audience.

9. Creativity: be creative with your sound, your style and your personality.

10. Be nice to your fans: don’t start forming Diva or Boss to your fans, be nice. Take pictures, sign autographs, reply nicely when spoken to. Remember they have the power to take you from obscurity to fame. But it doesn’t mean you should be a pretender.

11. Use trends: sympathize with victims of disasters and celebrate with people celebrating, for instance, victims of bombing, flood and super eagles victory. Connect with them through your songs or go to them and show genuine concern.

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12. Critics: your ability to deal with them will help you go a long way.

13. Recognize scam: be careful when signing your first contract. When you start gaining popularity and people know you are good, some scammers would want to exploit you if you don’t know your beans well. Make sure you get a good lawyer to go through the contract with you in case you are confused. Any contract that requires you pay some money before you get signed is not a good one. They should only make money after you become successful.
14. Pray to God for your success.
If you make use of the points highlighted in this post, you’ll definitely achieve your goal. Just know that your fame won’t come overnight, you’ll have to work it up there. Don’t give up. Keep pushing. I wish you success in your career.



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