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DOWNLOAD MP3: Maxxiebaby Kicks Off Live Sessions With “Paracoustic”

Primarily known as music that uses instruments which produce sound through acoustic means, it’s noteworthy that the original acoustic instrument was the human voice (which produces sound by funneling air across the vocal cords) and as such, Dezbilly Entertainment‘s very own Maxxiebaby fuses all elements accordingly as he delivers an acoustic version to his debut single, the Teezsmart Beat-produced number titled “Paradise,” a song which is said to describe how love recognizes no barriers or hurdles, thus, bringing hope.

Maxxiebaby, who is a representation of the Arusha Declaration (a prominent political statement of African Socialism, ‘Ujamaa,’ or brotherhood), an act which is strongly perceived on his musical recordings, continues to shine as he gets closer to the release of his debut album; putting in work with a steadfast resolve, the best is yet to come from the Afro-Fusion singer who’s also set to face-off on a series of live sessions with “Paracoustic” being the foremost of it all, thus setting the tone for even more live sessions and a brand new single before the announcement of his forthcoming album – listen up and share your thoughts. | ENJOY!!!

DOWNLOAD MP3: Maxxiebaby Kicks Off Live Sessions With “Paracoustic”

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