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DOWNLOAD MP3: Senseii – Vibes From Senseii

Nigerian multi talented Singer, SENSEII has released his first project in this new year which he titled it as “Vibes From Senseii“.

Senseii is inspired by and hones his skills in Afrobeats, Rap, Reggae, Trap music and a mix of other genres. SENSEII was coined from a combination of six words (SEEK EXCELLENCE AND SEEK EXCEPTIONALISM IN INGENUITY).

Hailed by most as a different breed, SENSEII’s music has it’s roots in old-time African Folk, hardcore rap/trap and early Afro Pop traditions of Nigerian Music.

As an independent Artist, he released his first ever single MY WAY in March 2020 which was widely commended by many for it’s relatability and uniqueness.

Having done countless cover songs over time which were exclusively uploaded on Audiomack and soundcloud, he subsequently made contributions to the ENDSARS movement in 2020 by further releasing JA ARA an 20.10.2020 FREESTYLE which earned him more fans and listeners across the country for their smoothness, relatability and uniqueness yet again.

DOWNLOAD MP3: Senseii – Vibes From Senseii


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