All MLS and LIGA MX clubs will pause seasons for the historic Leagues Cup starting in 2023

NUEVA YORK & CIUDAD MÉXICO (21 de septiembre, 2021) –In a massive new chapter for North American soccer, starting in 2023, all clubs from the two major North American divisions, Major League Soccer and LIGA MX, will compete in the completely revamped League Cup, a month-long annual tournament. Both leagues will pause their respective seasons for a month during the summer to play the League Cup, showcasing the region’s soccer infrastructure and capabilities in the years leading up to the 2026 FIFA World Cup, scheduled to take place in the USA. The USA, Canada and Mexico, the first World Cup to be played, will involve 48 countries.

FIFA Vice President and CONCACAF President Victor Montaliani joined MLS Commissioner Don Garber and LIGA MX President Mikel Areola at a press conference in New York for today’s landmark announcement. Montaliani, Garber and Areola have announced that the new League Cup will be an official competition of the CONCACAF Champions League, with the champions automatically qualifying for the round of 16 of the regional tournament. Additionally, clubs ranked second and third in the League Cup from 2023 will qualify for the opening round of the CONCACAF Champions League.

As the latest and most ambitious step in the growing partnership between MLS and LIGA MX to increase the special rivalry between the two leagues, the 2023 League Cup will go down in history as the first major soccer tournament to feature all teams from a couple of leaders. -Level leagues.

“The new League Cup with the participation of all MLS and MX LIGA clubs competing in an intense month-long tournament will set new standards for what is possible among our leagues, and further show our players and clubs to a global audience, “MLS said. Commissioner Don Garber. “Since its launch three and a half years ago, our partnership with LIGA MX has grown rapidly and competition has brought the best of both leagues. On the way to the 2026 FIFA World Cup to be hosted by the United States, Canada and Mexico “This is the perfect time to produce a tournament that will elevate CONCACAF’s image and highlight passion. It is amazing that our region enjoys soccer at the highest level.”

Mikel Areola, LIGA MX CEO, said: “We celebrate the historic announcement of the new competition ecosystem created by CONCACAF, in which the League Cup will be expanded. This is an example of coordination and alignment of objectives between the federation, MLS and LIGA MX. All parties involved came together with the goal of bringing more entertainment and excitement to soccer fans in North America and around the world. LIGA MX and MLS clubs will have a more intense competition schedule to raise the level and quality of the game. In this way, the economic benefits can be reinvested to create a virtuous circle that helps develop players, clubs and market opportunities for football and sport in general ”. “This day represents the before and after of the entire North American, Central American and Caribbean region, which will benefit greatly from this agreement,” concluded Areola.

The new League Cup will be a joint project of Major League Soccer and LIGA MX, two of the most competitive, popular and exciting leagues in world soccer, both filled with rising stars and established personalities representing dozens of teams around the world. . MLS and LIGA MX are generally among the top eight leagues present among the major leagues in the world.

The 2023 League Cup and later versions are part of the evolution of the successful partnership between MLS and LIGA MX launched in 2018 with the Champions Cup. The association has its roots in competition in the field, but is linked to a true spirit of foreign cooperation. On the field, with a focus on sharing best practices, growing soccer in North America, and being a force for positive change in the league’s communities. On the competition front, recent initiatives have included Target’s MLS All-Star Game, where the best of MLS faced the best of LIGA MX in Los Angeles on August 25, and the Champions Cup, a annual game between league champions. two unions. Columbus Crewe hosts SC Cruz Azul at the 2021 Champions Cup on September 29. The League Cup 2023, and future versions of the tournament, is a large-scale transformation of the League Cup, which began in 2019 and runs this season through 2022. The Seattle Sounders will face Lyon in the Final of the 2021 League Cup tomorrow, September 22. at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.

Additional details on the redesigned annual League Cup will continue to be announced in the coming months.